Thursday, February 24, 2011


Lately I've been thinking about the benefits of having spent more days on earth than the average guy.  Now I'm going to say something profound, something I'll bet none of you have ever heard.  Ready?  Age brings perspective.  I know...everyone has heard that a thousand times.  (Sorry about the false sense of anticipation.)  I heard it, too, when I was younger so I guess you can say I have always known it.  The difference is now I can actually feel it.  That's a lot better than knowing it.  I really can look back over my life and understand the relative importance of things better than I did in my youthful arrogance.  Things like the purpose of life.  Before I was LDS I had my ideas and some good direction from my up-bringing regarding what life is about and why we are here and since becoming LDS I've known the "Plan" and the logic of it.  However, now I'm beginning to feel it and appreciate the role of ageing and death in it all.  I've never really had much of a problem with death; never really questioned the eternal nature of existence.  Ageing has given me the opportunity to see how many experiences - both good and bad - have played out over time and come to resolution.  And now death feels more like a commencement exercise than ever.  The knowledge of the good that lies beyond is more real to me now.  Mind you, I'm in no hurry to leave.  I love living this earthly life.  I have a wonderful wife, great kids, wonderful grand kids.....and a cruise in a week.  Can't complain about any of that :)  I hope to be here for another 50 years.  Its just easier for me now not to sweat the bad times.  After all, what's the worst that can happen?  We die!  And that death will be just the greatest graduation present we ever get.  Well, I hope this hasn't sounded morbid.  I'm just appreciating every aspect of life more and more.  I wanted to tell all of you that haven't yet been able to reap the benefit of looking back over as many years as I have that it's not so bad...this aging thing.  I'm kind of enjoying it..............................................Later


  1. those are some good thoughts Jim....I like your perspective!

  2. Well, okay, the worst thing that can happen to me is that YOU die and leave me here...In MY perspective...that sucks! Let's just graduate together honey... the rest of your blog was great :) I love the way you write...a great prospective!