Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Lately I've been thinking about what I want to be when I grow up.  A very wise and spiritual man once said "...we are learners, most of the time we are beginners."  Well, its funny but even at my advanced age, I still feel like a beginner in so many ways.  With that in mind, I've recently decided to become an official learner too.  I've started a masters program in counseling.  This is a reboot of an effort I began but abandoned about 30 years ago.  I have to admit I began with a certain trepidation about being able to keep the pace and assimilate all the information after having let so many years pass without exercising the student part of my brain.  However, even though I'm still trying to find a better way to integrate all the reading and paper writing into my daily life, I seem to be doing OK.  I have to admit, it feels good to exercise the ol' neural net again in ways I haven't done for so long.  All of this has made me think again about our capabilities as human beings and the capacities we have for learning and growing.  I think, as a society, we still permit our adults to slip into norms that are more restrictive than needs be.  We are beginning to do better about accepting that major life changes can still occur after 40 but as a whole, we still allow our generations to go into automatic pilot mode somewhere after 30.  The current economic situation as well as the growing flexibility of the educational system which is now creating many ways for adults to begin or continue formal education, is beginning to dismantle that stereotype.  However, it is still easy, as an adult, to let the day to day chores of life and living put us in a place where we forget to be creative in how we imagine our future.  I have always said I hope I never stop learning but I have to admit, I let the pace of my learning slow appreciably.  I'm now hoping that I won't make that mistake again.  I'm finding that the more time I spend as a beginner the less time I have to spend thinking about getting older. So what am I going to be when I grow up?  Apparently that is something that will never have a definite answer and I think I like it that way.................................Later


  1. Jim, you never cease to amaze me by how you think! I love how you put thoughts into words. you are truely MY hero. I am behind you 100% and will always be, as you continue to grow and learn in this life...just teach me what you are learning ok?

  2. What an inspiring note! I wish you the best and know that a 1000 mile journey all starts with the first step.