Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Higher Intellect

Lately I've been thinking about horse sense, or in this case, dog sense.  We human beings may have the larger brains but something tells me size is the not always the advantage we suppose it to be.  We have a dog in our household.  She is an older lady and has a little more trouble getting around than she used to.  She is also a little low slung, along the lines of a dachshund.  In her senior state, she has been known to confuse a nice, clean carpet with the grass in our back yard and avail her self of it in order to relieve herself.  This does not sit well with her human counter parts.  Therefore, we do the best we can to encourage her go outside to tend to her needs.  In the summer time this is not such a difficult task for her.  Her main problem is getting achy, short legs to negotiate the few steps down to the yard from our deck.  Now that its winter and snow covers the yard, she has a little more difficulty finding a comfortable way to strike the correct pose for the purpose of carrying out her toiletary processes.  I can understand this, to a point.  I myself would rather not have to deal with snow up to my waist at such times.  Being winter, she has become extremely reluctant to traverse the deck in order to get to the steps that lead to the yard let alone negotiate the slippery treads.  In an effort to encourage her to do that which she must....outside, I try to clear the way for her.  This morning, while shoveling 6 inches of snow from the deck, steps and, yes from the yard itself, it occurred to me that I was actually shoveling a spot in the grass in the snow without a coat so that a creature with a much smaller brain than mine and, therefore presumably one that is inferior to me could tend to the voiding of her bladder in relative comfort.  Kinda makes you think.............................Later